Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A New Face for Nascar?

For years NASCAR has been growing. Fans have been able to connect with driver's and NASCAR has done a great job with sponsorships, new camera angles, and finding ways to make 3 hours of racing laps exciting. Over the past few years, however, NASCAR has lots its edge. NASCAR focuses most of its marketing attention on lower class citizens. People who know what it is like to sit around and enjoy a beer or work on their car on Saturday. Because of this, the sport has seemed to level out in growth. Most of NASCAR's growth started with them bringing more people to the sport, including African Americans and other minorities in the late 1970's. Perhaps, in today's setting, there is another marketing idea that could have NASCAR back into growing mode.

On the other side of things, in the world of Formula One, Danica Patrick has been climbing the charts of success. She has even been talking to NASCAR lately about joining, which make her the first female ever. This is a great idea for NASCAR. It allows women to connect with the sport more, and opens up marketing opportunities for NASCAR as well. Marketing a young, sexy women in the sport will draw attention from males and females alike. She has a zest to her, including an altercation with another driver in Formula One where she brushed his shoulder. This move would have NASCAR back on its feet, and just as it was with minorities and the sport years ago, this is another move NASCAR can make to prove to the world they accept everybody.

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