Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tiger-less Tour

For the past few weeks, many people have been cracking jokes about the once beloved Tiger Woods and his private life chaos. Tiger was one of the most respected athletes in the game. He always had a smile on his face and the right things to say. After admitting his involvement with women besides his wife and being questioned for hitting a tree with his car at two in the morning, Tiger seems to be on heading on a slippery slope. He has lost sponsorship with Nike and Accenture, and is facing the loss of more. However, Tiger is worth a few billion dollars, and the sponsorships, although damaging to his reputation, don't affect his financials.

It's not Tiger's situation that should worry people, it's the amount of time he may be off the course to deal with the issues. When Tiger wasn't on tour last year for knee surgery, viewing took a major hit. People barely wanted to see tournaments unless Tiger and his fist pump were present. It's the loss of viewers CBS and other stations will lose that's troubling. Just as Tiger had more young kids interested in golfing, he ruins his reputation AND isn't going to be on TV for possible months. The situation, in reality, is tough for Tiger. Especially since most think he is such a good guy. It's implications to the golf world and the upcoming tour, however, is far worse to the sports world.

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